Supervisors:  Be Prepared For An OSHA Inspection

2-Day Seminar- A Practical Approach For Supervisors

Be Prepared For An OSHA Inspection!


In today’s current environment of over-regulation, managers are faced with many challenges in the workplace regarding CAL-OSHA.  Supervisors are at personal risk, and it’s critical they understand all current and new laws that affect their work environment, including  laws such as AB2774, which enhances CAL-OSHA’s enforcement authority and how it impacts management responsibilities.  Our 2 Day Supervisor Seminar is designed to explain current and new laws to employers, managers and supervisors, including CAL-OSHA’s “Special Emphasis Programs”.  Learn how to avoid conditions that could lead to harsh penalties, and employee injuries- as well as personal risk.  We will provide in-depth insight into Supervisor Responsibilities per General Industrial Safety Orders, and Construction Safety Orders.  ( Click here to download:  CAL-OSHA_Compliance Flyer.)

Instructor Qualifications:

Our Instructors have taught at University’s government agencies, private companies, and in industry and construction, with real life experience in dealing with day to day operations within all these agencies.  We excel in assisting organizations with CAL-OSHA Audits and Investigations.

What You Will Learn:

  • Overview of CAL-OSHA
  • Top Ten Violations
  • Supervisor Liability
  • How to conduct Accident Investigations for Supervisors
  • Employee Training Requirements
  • Organization Defense Independent Employee Action
  • Building and effective safety culture
  • Utilization of CAL OSHA Standards
  • Record Keeping
  • How to respond to an OSHA Inspection
  • Where to find Letters of Interpretation and how to use them
  • How to access CAL-OSHA Consultation
  • New Heat Standards and what it means to supervisors
  • Tabletop Exercises
  • New Construction Confined Space Standards
  • Multiple safety topics for managers and supervisors
  • Tailgate Safety meetings- how to conduct and document
  • Why the IIPP is so very important to any organization


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