CAL/OSHA Hazwoper First Responder Training San Bernardino, Riverside, Inland Empire.Hazwoper First Responder Awareness

CAL/OSHA First Responder Training:osha10a

The first responder awareness level course is intended for those working at sites where there is the potential for a hazardous release or spill of hazardous material. The first responder awareness level trained worker is then responsible for recognizing the significance of the release and reporting it to designated responders and/or emergency response organizations (e.g.: local HAZMAT teams). The first responder awareness level trained worker takes no further action beyond recognition and notification. Ideal course for foremen and supervisors of areas using / storing these materials,

Complies with CAL/OSHA Title 8 §5192 this 8-hour course provides employees with the training necessary to respond to an incident at a First Responder Awareness level. All employees who may be the first to discover an incident involving the release of a hazardous substance will benefit from this program — to learn to

Learn To:

  • Recognize Presence of Hazardous Substances
  • Understand Correct Methods for Securing Area
  • Notify Appropriate Emergency Response Agencies

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