Hazwoper 8 Hour Refresher Class  Riverside, San Bernardino, Inland EmpireOSHA 8 Hour Refresher Class


1 day 8 hour refresher course for 24 and 40 hour HAZWOPER students.

The OSHA 8 Hour HAZWOPER refresher class  is intended to refresh your existing 24 or 40-hour HAZWOPER certification. This 8 hour refresher class satisfies  CAL/OSHA Title 8 §5192  HAZWOPER requirement for annual 8 hour refresher class and covers a review of such topics as:

  • Hazard Recognition
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Site Safety and Health Plan
  • HAZMAT Labeling
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Medical Surveillance Programs
  • Monitoring Procedures and Equipment
  • Accidental Release Measures
  • Spill Cleanup Procedures & more

All of our Workforce Safety Trainers meet or exceed the CAL/OSHA requirement of Title 8 §5192 e. (D) (5).  Qualifications for trainers: Trainers shall be qualified to instruct employees about the subject matter that is being presented in training. Such trainers shall have satisfactorily completed a training program for teaching the subjects they are expected to teach, or they shall have the academic credentials and instructional experience necessary for teaching the subjects. Instructors shall demonstrate competent instructional skills and knowledge of the applicable subject matter.

Workers, supervisors and managers involved with hazardous waste operations are required to have 8 hours of refresher training annually.

The HAZWOPER 8 Hour Refresher course is intended for those who are exposed or potentially exposed to hazardous substances - including hazardous waste operations - and who have already completed the HAZWOPER 24-hour or HAZWOPER 40-hour certification training.

This includes the following:

  • On-Site Supervisors
  • Operations involving hazardous waste
  • Workers responsible for mandatory or voluntary clean-up operations
  • Workers responsible in corrective actions involving clean-up operations
  • Emergency response operations
  • Hospital First Responders
  • Utility Workers who perform duties involving hazardous waste, or at a hazardous waste site


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