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Workplace First-Aid Risk Assessment

FED OSHA or DOSH requires employers to perform a risk assessment to determine if there are significant injury and illness risks in the workplace.

In most workplaces, whether they are large industrial facilities, remote logging operations, or downtown office buildings, the response time for emergency personnel will exceed the three to four minutes that FED OSHA or DOSH considers acceptable in a life-threatening situation.

National standards for fire service suggest that a four-minute response time is critical to saving lives and protecting property

NFPA 1710 has set a benchmark for response time of turn out one-minute four-minute travel time total of five-minutes and eight minutes or less for the arrival of an advanced life support unit at an emergency medical incident, where this service is provided by the fire department.

Response times are affected by:

  • Location Driving distance
  • Road conditions
  • Access traffic
  • Whether the closest fire truck is on another call 6
  • Site conditions: gates, road access, material and equipment.

Most workplaces, then, will need to have workers trained in first aid to respond to these emergencies. The training you provide must be equivalent to what the American Red Cross or the Mining Enforcement and Safety Administration would provide. Under no circumstance should this free Workplace First-Aid Risk Assessment be used as an exclusive source of information on the topic staff must study current policies and procedures and federal, state and local codes, laws and ordinance.

Please fill in the blanks and hit submit and one of our EMS trained staff will e-mail you our free First-Aid Risk Assessment report outlining the number of first aid trained staff needed.

1. Workplace Risks (please check all that apply)

If you work with dangerous loads or animals, please provide a brief description:
(please type “n/a” if none)


2. Are there sites in your workplace where higher or lower levels of risk can be identified? For example, do you have have a welding fabrication shop at your workplace?
(please type “n/a” if none)


3. What is your safety record of accidents and Illnesses? What type are they and where did they happen? (please type “n/a” if none)


4. How many employees are there in your workplace?


5. Are there inexperienced workers on site, or employees with disabilities or special health problems?

(please type “n/a” if none)


6. Are there several buildings on the site or multi-floor buildings?

(please type “n/a” if none)


7. Do employees works shifts or overtime hours?

(please type “n/a” if none)


8. Is your workplace remote from emergency medical services?

If “yes” how many miles is it to the nearest hospital?


9. Do you have employees who travel a lot or work alone?

If “yes” how many?


10. Do any of your employees work as sites occupied by other employers?

If “yes” please provide a brief description:
(please type “n/a” if none)


11. Do you have any work experience trainees?

If “yes” please provide a brief description:
(please type “n/a” if none)


12. Do members of the public visit your premises?

If “yes” please provide a brief description:
(please type “n/a” if none)


13. Is there sufficient provision to cover absences of first aid personnel?


14. Please provide us some information about yourself:

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