classes_hdWhat CAL/OSHA Says About Effective Safety Training/Safety Training Classes:

Safety Classes from Workforce Safety TrainingEach year serious and fatal injuries are caused by ineffective and inadequate training of employees. Employees who are newly hired, given new job duties, or who are using tools and equipment that they are unfamiliar with have a greater risk of being injured.  Safety Classes are essential.

Effective safety classes relate directly to the work being done by employees. Classes instruct employees on general, safe, work practices and also provides specific information on the hazards they may encounter in their jobs. In general effective training classes instruct employees on how to work safely and:

  • Communicates information in a language and by methods understandable to all employees(including those who do not speak English, or have limited comprehension of English)
  • Helps establish a relationship with employees to improve trust and communication
  • Is participatory and involves employees by drawing on their own real life experiences
  • Allows group hazard identification and problem solving by means of demonstrations, asking questions, discussing ideas, and providing observations and stories
  • Provides opportunities to demonstrate newly learned safe work practices and the safe use of tools, equipment, and chemicals
  • Provides concrete safety and health changes in how work is set-up and performed
  • Is repeated as often as necessary
  • Encourages employees to express safety concerns and to make suggestions

With current trends of downsizing corporate America, the need for convenient safety classes has never been more important.

Workforce Safety Training provides onsite compliance training classes which are:

  • dynamic
  • cost effective and
  • flexible.

We tailor our training classes to your specific industry requirements, and unique work environment.

We have the expertise to provide in-depth insight into compliance training issues, and to offer customized solutions to address them.

Our Team is comprised of field-experienced professionals who bring University developed teaching skills blended with real life application.

Workforce Safety offers the most flexible and comprehensive compliance training classes available for industry today. Our focus is quality customer service at a reasonable price.


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