sexual-harassment_hdTraining to Prevent Sexual Harassment

Preventing harassment in the workplace is one of the most pressing compliance training initiatives for all organizations. Sexual harassment training is mandated in certain states and workplace harassment training educates employees and raises awareness about harassment—one of the most common forms of employee misconduct.harassment

Although some workplace behavior is easy to identify as inappropriate, many actions that may appear innocent on the surface can be viewed as incidents of sexual harassment.

Workforce Safety Training Prevention Training Class will help employees identify questionable behavior and prepare them to know what actions to take if they ever witness or are subjected to sexual harassment —and help build a workplace culture of respect and ethical behavior.

Required Subjects:

  • Definitions of unlawful sexual harassment under California state and federal law.
  • California state and federal statutory and case law principles about the prohibition against and prevention of sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation in employment.
  • The types of conduct that constitute sexual harassment.
  • The remedies for sexual harassment.
  • Strategies to prevent sexual harassment.
  • “Practical examples,” such as factual scenarios taken from case law, news and media accounts, scenario’s based on workplace situations and other sources which illustrate sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation using training modalities such as role plays, case studies and group discussions.
  • The limited confidentiality of the complaint process.
  • Resources for victims of unlawful sexual harassment, such as to whom they should report any alleged sexual harassment.
  • The employer’s obligation to conduct an effective workplace investigation of a harassment complaint.
  • Training on what to do if the supervisor is personally accused of harassment.

Prevention of sexual harassment, discriminatin and retaliation in employment

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